Gay Man Attacked While Wearing Kid D

The City of West Hollywood once again displayed its support for Kid D this week in a ravenous show of affection. It all started when our gay pal Eric entered the Abbey on Santa Monica wearing the Lines Tee. Apparently, this sparked off a shitload of praise and compliments that eventually boiled over into photo ops and numbers exchanged. The way he tells it, Eric was like Liberace incarnate up in this mother fucker. After a few more drinks, the shit got even crazier when some dude pronounced, “It’s the guy with the coke shirt!” and proceeded to bite Eric on the ass, leaving a full-on mouth-shaped welt on his right butt-cheek. Online sales confirmed a spike in Lines T orders by customers with West Hollywood addresses in the ensuing days, proof enough for us that the attack went down, and it was as awesome as Eric said it was. Thanks, Eric! Keep rocking the gear – and watch yo ass, son!

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