First movie I remember seeing in a theater…

…was TOP GUN, which is currently playing on AMC. You know, as homoerotic as that volleyball scene has proven to be over the years, I can’t help but be turned on by the sex scene between Cruise and McGillis. That shit is still fire. I vividly remember seeing their tongues softly coddling in silhouette, the light blue florescence in the BG, cadence oh so choreographed (or not at all), and thinking, “What’s happening to my weaner?”

It was, and still is, called an erection…

I’d like to send a special shout-out to the deadest motha fucka in the cemetery, Mr. Don Simpson, going out like Goose, living life to the fullest ‘cuz that shit can end in a heartbeat – or in the time it takes to gaf a zipper to the face off the backs of a dozen Malaysian hookers, side-by-side, bound and gagged, in an office paid for by Disney stockholders, while Michael Bay was still crappin’ in his hands and rubbin’ it on his face – for making this movie. We miss you, playa.


– Gossip Greek

One response

  1. It’s actually spelled “weiner”, but it’s pronounced “weinus”

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