See this movie.

So I watch a shitload of movies, and I decided today that I’m going to start making random suggestions for you all to put in your respective Netflix ques. I promise to do my very best not to steer you wrong, and if you wind up liking anything I recommend, please feel free to pay it forward and tell someone else. For the record, “Pay It Forward” will never be one of my recommendations, as that movie sucked balls.

Today’s recommendation is the brilliant swedish vampire film “Let the Right One In.”

Cool poster is a good sign.

Beautifully shot, exceptionally acted, scary, suspenseful, and most of all incredibly poignant, its an outstanding portrait of troubled adolescence and young love interpreted through a horror film lens. I think this may have been the best movie I saw last year. Peep the trailer:

Now, if you’re one of those people who abhors subtitles and will never ever see a foreign film no matter how awesome anyone tells you it is, you’re actually in luck. Cuz the Powers That Be in Hollywood have decided that this film was so good that a proper American Remake was in order, retitled “Let Me In.”

This poster might actually be even cooler.

It comes out this October and stars the incredibly talented Chloe Moretz (best remembered for blowing holes in dude’s faces and chopping legs off recently in “Kick Ass,” which you should also see whenever it finally comes out on fucking DVD). It actually looks pretty damn promising, and additionally has Elias Koteas, who played Casey Jones in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and is like the only greek actor to ever accomplish anything in the history of the world, unless you count Nia Vardalos and I don’t because she’s fucking annoying. Shit, even the role of Zorba the Greek went to Anthony Quinn, and he’s mexican. Anyway, here’s the trailer for that, but again it doesn’t come out till October so don’t blame me if you get all excited and then realize you have to wait. Just go rent the damn movie I started reviewing in the first place before I got sidetracked.

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