Michael J. Fox is a perv magnet.

So two youtube clips were recently brought to my attention by separate people, and I couldn’t help but notice that these clips have two very important salient characteristics in common:

1. They are both from movies starring Michael J. Fox.
2. They both feature creepy background actors weirdly highlighting their respective dicks.

The first is from Teen Wolf, a film which I have the fondest memories of from my childhood. Though, at the time, I was too young to know what a “keg” of beer was, so at the part where Michael J. Fox goes into the liquor store and tells the clerk “give me a keg of beer” and his eyes glow red, what I heard was “give me a cake of beer.” I remember thinking to myself, “wait, adults eat beer flavored cake? Gross!” But I digress…

Keep an eye on the upper left, just above MJF huggin his pops:

There’s shit on the internet referring to this as a “wardrobe malfunction,” though I’ve been wearing pants for most of my adult life, and as of yet my fly has not malfunctioned in a manner that would cause my frank n’ beans to pop out. Makes me wonder if maybe homie was up to some shenanigans and caught a lil off guard when the cameras started rolling.

Next we have a lil clip from Back to the Future III, in which Doc Brown has returned to 1985 one last time in his time-traveling steam engine to impart some final advice to Marty and Jennifer. Oh, and so his son can make a totally blatant pass at Elizabeth Shue.

I mean, the “come here” motion and then the sly point to Willie?? Check out the balls on this little fucker! Admirable, really – Shue in her prime was the fantasy of many a young man in those heady days of time traveling misfits and film editors completely asleep at the switch.

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