He’s done it again.

“Gossip, gossip, nigga just stop it” – well, that shit is basically impossible at the moment, cuz the other day Kanye’s video for “Monster” leaked, and long story short, its fuckin bananas. Along with Gaga, Beyonce, and a handful of others, I feel like Kanye is one of the only mainstream acts who still gives a shit about making sick videos, and for this I am glad. This honestly might be my favorite music video ever made, though as a life-long horror film dork I am most certainly biased. Featuring Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Nicki Minaj, the vid is chock full of half naked model corpses, severed heads, grasping vampire hands, zombie schoolgirls, and other assorted freaky freakies guaranteed to terrorize. Check it – unless of course your office frowns on nude dead girls and phrases like “Ima need to see your fuckin hands at the concert” repeated over and over again.

Also, let it be stated for the record that Nicki Minaj, in addition to apparently having an ass thick enough to cause neck injury, has easily the best verse on this whole track. All kinds of wacky voice inflection, great wordplay (“she’s on a diet but my pocket’s eatin cheesecake” is a better flip than Lil Kim has ever spit in her GD life), and she rides the beat like a muthafucka. Homegirl is indeed a Monster, it just bothers me that her guest spots on other people’s shit are way better than her own shit. I feel like record labels always try to make chicks do silly R&B nonsense, when obviously Nicki is at her best dropping straight savagery. Keep rollin that candy-colored Tonka, girl!

Additionally, am I the only one who would just like to give Rick Ross a big pat on the back for carrying the huge-dude-with-a-beard torch in hip-hop? He’s like the only guy in the game who’s maintaining a degree of physical intimidation. I mean, Weezie is dope, but c’mon – I feel like if push came to shove I could fold that dude up and put him in a suitcase. My man Ricky looks like he could play offensive line or work the door at a bar in Bushwick. Plus black dudes with beards are the shit and the only other beard I can think of in hip-hop is on Freeway and its one of those wack under-the-chin jobs that makes him look like a fuckin jihadist.

ADDITIONALLY, if this video is the new Thriller (which, let’s be honest, it kind of is – no black pop star makes a horror-themed video without inviting those comparisons), does this mean Bon Iver is the new Vincent Price?

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