I’m boarding a plane to fly to Italy to hang out with the Jersey Shore

No, the title of this blog entry is not a typo. The last 72 hours have been a whirlwind and after a few phone calls and some internet flight searches, I’m at LAX waiting to board my connecting flight to Philly then on to Florence. To give you a little background, one of our good friends is a producer on the Jersey Shore. Right after he filmed the first season, he came over to our house and told us all these crazy stories of this new show that he filmed. At the time they were deciding between calling it Jersey Shore and Guido Beach, hahaha. He thought it was gonna be hilarious but he had no idea how big the show would actually become. Well, they’re out in Florence right now filming for a couple of more weeks and he extended the invitation to come hang out.

The icing on the cake is that Vinny, through the help of his stylist, got a bunch of Kid D gear before he left for the trip and apparently he’s been rocking the shit on the regular and that Kid D is going to be all over the new season. So epic!

Vinny rockin the Live Fast Die Young tee, will be available again online in two weeks


On top of that, apparently the other people in the house are now big Kid D fans and want gear as well. When I found out about this, I talked it over with the team and we were left with only one conclusion: I’m going to Florence to rage with the cast of the Jersey Shore and gear them the fuck up! I have no idea what to expect. I land in Florence tomorrow morning and I’ve got to find a way to my friend’s apartment. He’s not even going to be there because they’re filming off site somewhere until Thursday. All I know, is I got a flip camera, my cell phone, some loot in my pocket and an itch in the back of my throat that can only be scratched by one thing: that booze.

I will be blogging, tweeting and filming my journey. Your guess is as good as mine as to what’s going to happen over the next week. Something tells me I’m in for a wild ride!

10 responses

  1. just don’t turn the company into another ed hardy

  2. I swear we’ll never do that but when the opportunity comes to go rage in Italy with these cats, we gotta take it.

  3. which one of you is going?!?!?!

  4. Nino I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same exact thing. Its a great opportunity. Been a big fan of the shirts for a while now ever since I got the pump up the valium shirt a while back. While I’m selfish everyone will find out about my best kept secret, you gotta do your thing.

    1. Appreciate the feedback Neil. We’ve built our company as the anti Ed-Hardy so regardless of the increased exposure we’ll get from the tees, we’re gonna stick to the formula that got us here.

  5. Nino, that is so f*cking sweet. Congrats buddy! I expect many a night snackhoused.

  6. Brett u r crazy kidddddd! Have a blast!

  7. Love that shirt where can I get one?

  8. Will Vinny’s shirt be on sale again soon?

  9. YE! i really want to cop the Live Fast Die young Shirt. ive been looking everywhere!! id pay a lofty price my friends

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