Live Sh*t: Binge, no Purge

Besides sitting at home & crying myself to sleep every night, I like to head out to live shows as much as possible. Looking thru my phone today, I realized I have a lot of really shitty quality photos from these shows.  I thought I would share them with you. It’s the best I could do with a .84 mega-pixel camera phone. All these bands are dope too (I dont listen to bad music) & if you’d like a listen, you can click on most of the photos to watch a YouTube clip from the actual shows I was at.   

Beach House @ The Music Box (2.16.11)


The Strokes @ The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas (3.12.11)


Jamaica @ the echoplex (4.23.11)


Raekwon @ The El Rey (4.30.11)


Prince @ The Forum (5.6.11)


Kid Cudi @ Nokia Live (6.20.11)


Crystal Antlers @ the echo (7.4.11)


Crystal Antlers @ the echo (7.11.11)


Theophilus London @ The Troubadour (7.18.11)


Crystal Antlers @ the echo (7.25.11)


Guards @ Eagle Rock Center For The Arts (7.28.11)


Cults @ Eagle Rock Center For The Arts (7.28.11)


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  1. Awesome post, would read again.

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