About kid dangerous.

“We work hard to craft quality garments for you to live dangerously in.”

This statement, the de-facto credo of Los Angeles based line KID DANGEROUS GRIME COUTURE, exemplifies the sort of brash, irreverent aesthetic for which our brand is quickly gaining recognition.  Kid D presents itself as a unique middle ground for consumers who appreciate the world of high-fashion, but still look to dress outside the mainstream.  In today’s world, we see the lines between dressy and casual, preppy and punk, high and low fashion growing blurrier every day, and we believe our line is positioned to embrace that shift.  We’ve pledged to put the garment first – providing high quality products with stark, in-your-face graphics that connect to people on a deeper level than the typical knee-jerk response to a company logo.  While others have tried to use their name to sell the design, we’re committed to using the design to sell our name.

Since securing our first account, the world-famous Kitson Boutique in Beverly Hills, California in June 2007, Kid D has enjoyed tremendous success in the marketplace.  Our brand is now carried in over 200 of the most prestigious boutiques and department stores in the United States and worldwide, including: Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Fred Segal, Kitson, the W Hotels and Free’s Shop in Tokyo.

Kid Dangerous has been featured in numerous publications both stateside and abroad including Nylon Men, US Weekly, Details and Teen Vogue as well as on several television programs including The Hills, Access Hollywood, the MTV Music Video Awards, Good Morning America and Dancing with the Stars. Our brand also boasts a growing list of celebrity clientele, counting Britney Spears, Jamie Foxx, Zac Effron, Kellan Lutz, Robert Downey Junior and Adrien Grenier among its ranks.

We will be expanding our product line significantly in the coming year, while maintaining the high quality and bold aesthetic our brand has become known and admired for.

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