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Kid D Virginia Tech Campus Rep Team Makes Us Proud

For those of you who don’t know, Kid Dangerous has a great campus rep program that is now heading into it’s second year.  We get groups of party loving kids from different schools together and they rep Kid D on their college campuses, host events and slang t-shirts for commissions.  For anyone out there reading who thinks their school would be a great place to establish a program, email us at

We’ll be featuring blogs written by our campus rep teams talking about their drunk antics.  The first comes from Larissa Frye who recaps a very drunk first event of the year at Virginia Tech:

The beautiful girls of Kid Dangerous Virginia Tech


Combine a cool school and a cool brand and you get a fucking cool party. Kid D at TOTS was beyond insane. The bar has been known for years as the place to go any night of the week, but especially for its raging karaoke Tuesdays. Anyone who is anyone is there, so it only makes sense to throw a Kid Dangerous party on a freaking Tuesday night. All the fabulous Kid D reps worked hard to pull together two killer banners, a pose and repeat with photographer, and t-shirt giveaways for only the best, most embarrassing karaoke performances. By the end of the night everyone left happy and hammered with discount codes in hand. We decided to throw this party to generate some buzz about the kick ass brand, and to ultimately make some sales at the end of the day. Lucky for us our hard work promoting the brand ended in a few happy blackouts. So Kid Dangerous fans, the night was a total success and yes, I’m sure we made some dangerous kids throw-up and bleed. Rail number two is the reason I can’t say for sure.

My Life as a Kid D Intern

My name is Julie and for the past eight months, I’ve been interning for Kid Dangerous. My boss recently asked me, and when I say ask I mean demand in an illegible drunk text message, to write a list of ten things I’ve learned as a Kid Dangerous intern. Most internships entail mindless tasks, a uniform involving khaki pants, and four-hour meetings about payroll. Not when you work for Kid D. So, without further adieu, here are ten things I’ve learned from my time with the company. Now If only I could unlearn half of them, I’d be a much more emotionally stable person.

  1. Kid Dangerous is a lifestyle brand. A very unhealthy one, but a lifestyle brand nonetheless.
  2. Telling the Kid D crew you are a lightweight will result in puking from a taxi in a McDonald’s drive-thru.
  3. My boss taught me that one way you can motivate employees is by “dangling the carrot.” I wasn’t really sure what he was talking about because I was too busy organizing a list of 2,000 store contacts for a free t-shirt he promised me.
  4. Bartering toothpaste for t-shirts at 3 AM feels like Christmas morning when you’re wasted.
  5. Kid Dangerous + Vegas + Dom Pérignon = Dancing on Tables
  6. Dom Pérignon + Dom Pérignon = Memory Loss & Vomiting
  7. There’s a three-hour time difference between Los Angeles and Virginia. I’m reminded of this every time I’m asked to do something “really quick” at 2:30 AM.
  8. Beer pong tables do exist in the real world. They’re just a little more depressing than their college counterparts with 29 year olds playing on them.
  9. It’s not so bad when you have to look at your credit card statements to remember what you did the night before.
  10. Getting a pat on the back for a job well done isn’t nearly as cool as getting paid would be.

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