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Awesome album cover of the week

Actually, probably album cover of the year.  Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire “Lost In Translation” mixtape. And he could have the artist name of the year too.

Stones Throw video contest

So, one of the best record labels out there, Stones Throw, recently had a “make a video for one of their existing songs” contest to celebrate their 15th anniversary. The results were pretty dope. They picked the 15 best & had a couple honorable mentions too. These are my 3 favorites. Click here if you wanna check the rest of them out.

#14  Jaylib – Heavy  (Directed by Charlie Crumlish)


#3  Madvillain – Strange Ways  (Directed by Jean-Yves Blanc)


#2  Jaylib – The Heist  (Directed by Rory Gamble)

Awesome album cover of the week

Look at those nips!!!!! 

And just when you thought it couldnt get more awesome, David Porter goes all thug with a gaucho hat & the pink silk sleeves on the back cover. I’m pretty sure Mr. Porter took down more chicks in Sept. 1973 wearing that outfit than I have in my entire life. I’m bringing the gaucho hat back.

You know how I know your band sucks without hearing a note??

Cuz you named yourself The Devil Wears Prada and you look like this:

Fuck planking. Real gangstas leisure dive

There’s been like 3 deaths from planking in the world. Plus, it was invented by Australians, and no one likes Australians. So if you dont already know, the next evolution in pointless shit is leisure diving. Some folks dedicated an entire site to it. Click on this link. Its funny as hell. And props to our boys, Vince & “One-Take” Kolby, who got the coveted title of “leisure dive of the day” today.  See their awesomeness below

Come see us in Vegas

Kid D is the Future??

So I was taking a look at Complex Presents: 15 New Rappers To Watch Out For and I was checkin out some of the videos for the rappers & I came across this new kid, Future.  I normally don’t like this down South shit, but the ghetto-tastic video was too good to turn off. And lo-and-behold, I spot Future rockin a Kid D shirt.

Dude is from Atlanta, but he’s wearing a “NY Don’t Love U”.  Makes total sense. I now have watched the video 8 times and it’s my new favorite song. I just made it my new ringtone. So supposedly he’s one to watch out for. Maybe we’ll send him some more shirts, but only if he lets us fly to the ATL and be in the next video. Check the video below:

Who wants to come with me to this?? Please

The record label Mad Decent is throwin a FREE block party in downtown LA tomorrow. They’ve already thrown ones in Philly, NYC & Chi-town and now they’re finishing up in L.A. It looks bad ass.  Look how bananas shit the NYC one was:

I’m going, but I cant seem to convince any other people to rally. Just show up at Kid D Headquarters. I’ll buy the Busch Light & we’ll cab it down there.  Let’s do this. Hit me up if interested:

If this isnt convincing enough, click on the link to download a sick mix they made to promote the block parties. I think I’ve listened to it 5 times in the last 2 days:

Come party with us tonight!!

We’re partying. Again. Tonight at the Cutting Room on the Sunset Strip.

8462 W. Sunset Blvd. We’re doing it 90s style. Our friends at 901 Tequila will be passing out drink tickets to anyone that shows up in Kid Dangerous gear!
Don’t have any KD gear?! Come buy some or you can show up in your dopest 90’s outfit that will get you some drink tickets too!
DJ Lindsay Luv will be spinning the best 90’s songs you forgot that you loved!
Just tell your boss now that you’re gonna be in late for work tomorrow.
*please send all RSVP’s to*
Here’s some pics of the festivities you missed out on last Thursday:

Cheech’s Song of the day. Epic video

This song & video are the shit. Jigga & Kanye sampled this song on their joint album that drop tomorrow

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