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Outside Lands Day 1: Five Observations

I arrived in San Francisco for my first journey to the Outside Lands Music Festival. Having been to Coachella the past seven years and Lollapalooza last year in Chicago, I was excited to see what this bad boy had to offer. Considering I’m doing this from my phone, I’m going to keep it short and sweet. Here are my five observations from day one of Outside Lands:

1. The Layout of the Festival is Different and Great- Golden Gate Park is massive and a great place for a festival. Huge trees everywhere, nice grass and scenic. The festival itself, is laid out really well the stages aren’t super far from each other but every area is pretty unique and separate. Beer and bathroom lines are really chill which is always huge and unlike Coachella, you can drink anywhere which is fan-fucking-tastic.

2. The Weather is Crazy- thank god my friend told me to dress warm because it is cold as shit in the SF. Apparently, that area in particular is especially crispy. It was so foggy you couldn’t see shit, cold as balls, windy and it started drizzling at the end of the night. I dug it and prefer it to the scorching temperatures of Coachella but plenty of people were not prepared. It was easy to spot the d bag so cal dudes wearing tanks, shorts and backwards hats, trying to play it off that they weren’t freezing their ass off.

3. Transportation Situation is Dog Shit- biggest glove slap about outside lands is the transportation. We couldn’t get a cab to save our life to the venue and all the buses were so full they wouldn’t even stop. We had to bribe a cab $40 to get to the show and when we left, more drama. We dipped out thirty minutes before the show ended in an effort to beat the rush but got no love. There were no cabs really to speak of and once again the buses were packed. We ended up walking for 45 minutes, fighting our way on a bus that wasn’t really going where we needed it to and then finally scored a cab after walking an additional twenty blocks. Shitballs.

4. Onto the music. Since we got up here later than we wanted to and it took us forever to get into the show, I only saw the following four bands:

Of monsters and men
Washed Out

MSTRKRFT killed it. That being said, when the hell are they dropping another album? Kinda weird that they are on the festival circuit without one but I’m not complaining. I really love Washed Out and wasn’t sure what to expect live since its so chill and background music-y. I was really impressed, they sounded great and played all the jams. It was my favorite show of the day by far and the time in the evening was perfect. That being said, the energy wasn’t great for everyone and people started leaving halfway through. Their loss. Bitches.

5. Early End- Not sure if it’s a park deal or what but the show gets out at 10 every night. I actually kinda like it cuz you have your whole night ahead of you which we used to our full advantage.

I got some good sleep last night, am staying at a great house overlooking Alcatraz in the city and I’m ready for day two. Let’s dance.

Kid D Photoshoot with Rylee Breen

We just wrapped up another amazing photoshoot, this time with the beautiful Rylee Breen, who visited LA all the way from Brisbane, Australia. Neave Bozorgi, our good friend and partner in crime, shot the photos in and around Hollywood and for the record, Rylee IS stripping on Hollywood Blvd. in broad daylight. Enjoy!

Follow us all on instagram at:

Kid Dangerous- @kiddangerous

Neave Bozorgi- @sirneave

Rylee Breen- @ryleebreen

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Kid Dangerous Coachella 2012 Video

We went into Coachella with the best of intentions. Shoot a bunch of footage, put together an awesome video we could share with everyone. Well, that didn’t really happen. What did? Well, I got some awesome dance footage. Enjoy!


Coachella 2012: Do’s and Don’ts

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again. Time to break out your credit cards and shell out half your month’s salary for overpriced tickets and accommodations, time to start listening to music like you’re cramming for a final, time to start preparing yourself for three days of music, heat, partying and walking miles upon miles: it’s time for Coachella.

It's almost game time.

This year should be very interesting, as the organizers of Coachella realized the best way to make more money this time was around was to have an unprecedented, TWO Coachella Festivals on back-to-back weekends. We’ll have members of the Kid D Camp at both weekends and we’ll be documenting our adventures as long as we can remember to before getting too drunk. And while the double weekend aspect is sure to give this year’s Coachella a different flavor, the same rules of fun, partying and survival will reign supreme. In the spirit of having the best time this year and coming out of Coachella weekend in one piece, here are this year’s Do’s and Don’ts:

DO: Prepare Accordingly- As spontaneous as it is to throw together a backpack full of shit at the last minute containing your favorite jeans, board shorts, condoms and a tooth brush, you’ll wish you had done a much better job packing once you get there. Key items to bring are: sunscreen, sunglasses, ID, cash, credit cards, plastic flask, phone, phone charger, bathing suit, light jacket or hoodie for nighttime, Advil, Emergen-C and more.

"Dude, can you spot me twenty bucks?"

DON’T: Be “That Guy”-Going hand-in-hand with the bro who showed up with th e clothes on his back, no one at Coachella likes a mooch. Everyone spent way too much money to come to Coachella and the last thing we want to do is sponsor a friend. If you’re going to drink, have money. If you’re going to smoke, have cigarettes. Even little things like food, phone chargers, clothes, etc. get annoying when you’re asking for them but not bringing anything to the table in return. Don’t be that guy (or girl), people.

DO: Have a Plan Before the Show- Part of the Coachella experience is hanging out in the desert with your friends. Whether it’s bbqing, chillin by the pool, bumping tunes, pre-gaming or all of the above, no Coachella experience is complete without quality time with your friends before heading over to show. So, whether it’s partying at your condo, going over to a hotel party or pre-gaming in the parking lot, do something fun before the show.

DON’T: Let the Pre-Party Ruin the Concert Experience- As fun as pre-parties at Coachella can be, they can also drag on way too long. Here’s where you separate the friends that actually care about seeing the music, and the ones that are there for the partying. My Coachella history is littered with too many great missed performances because my group kept lagging and lagging on getting to the show. While it’s tougher than it sounds, make a plan with a smaller group of people to leave at a set time and stick to it. You’ll always find people on your schedule that really want to see GroupLove and will leave the pool party at 5 PM to make that dream a reality. On a side note, don’t forget that if you want to see someone performing at 5, you should be leaving an hour plus beforehand (depending on where you are) to have any chance of making it.

DO: Pre-Party / Sneak in Booze- For all you drinkers out there, I got news for you. Getting drunk at Coachella gets very pricey, very time consuming and for whatever God awful reason, the only beer they serve is Heineken. I could write an entire blog on this Heineken situation but I digress… Coachella is an all day drinking affair. The only difference is, instead of it being a one day commitment like 4th of July or St. Patty’s Day, it’s three days in a row. Use the time before the show to get a nice buzz going. Bring some road sodas because you’ll have a good 30 minutes plus of walking to the entrance where you can enjoy a couple of more drinks along the way and if you plan on drinking a lot during the duration of the show, bringing in a plastic flask is a great idea. They do not search hard at all and even if they do catch you, the worst thing they’ll do is make you throw it away. Having a flask inside the show is great because you don’t have to go to the beer garden to get a drink and it packs a lot of bang for the buck.

DON’T: Get Too Drunk before or During the Show- Getting too drunk before the show can impact your experience in more ways than one. More often than not, it’s the people getting the most drunk that tend to show up at Coachella the latest. So, if you’re trying to see a lot of bands, it’s usually counter productive. Getting too drunk can also lead to you spending a disproportionate amount of time at the show in the beer garden. While hanging in the beer garden is always a great time, don’t forget that Radiohead is playing about 500 feet away from you too, dipshit. If you take it to the next level of drunkness, you will most likely fall victim to one of the following:

  • Not really remembering the music at all. Which in hindsight, sucks.
  • Doing something stupid that will usually involve getting your ass kicked, hurting yourself or getting tossed out of the show.
  • Waking up the next morning with no wallet, no cell phone and a serious headache.
  • Ending up in a viral video on Youtube showcasing your inability to put on a sandal.


None of these scenarios sound great but they are all very likely if you get too snackhoused at Coachella, so drink in moderation, people. And by moderation, I mean the absolute most you know you can handle while still being functional.

DO: Have a Coachella Crew- As great as the music is, it’s always better to enjoy it with your boyfriend/girlfriend, your friends or new amazing people you meet along the way. So, have a crew and have a plan. It’s easiest to cruise around with people that have similar motivations as you. Want to see the same music, like to drink the same amount, have comparable bathroom schedules, etc. I tend to find that the smaller the group the better and then have meeting times where you join up with the rest of the crew in a beer tent to catch up, regroup and slam a couple of shitty Heinekens.

DON’T: Let Your Group Ruin Your Experience- Coachella is a pain in the ass. It takes forever to walk anywhere, there are a gazillion people, cell phone reception is spotty at best and worst of all, your friends are always only “five minutes away”. One major downfall of Coachella is having too big of a group and having people within your group, always insisting on waiting for everyone to be together before you do anything. People lag, people get distracted and people have their own agendas. If you wait around for everyone to be on the same page at the same time, you’re going to be waiting a long time. As long as you have your tight knit crew of people wanting to do the same thing as you, you can always meet up with the greater group later. Don’t forget, you’re there for the music and for your own experience, so it’s ok to get a little selfish at times.

DO: Have a Great Time-Coachella can be intimidating. With the crowds, the heat, the lines, the walking, it’s a major undertaking. That being said, you didn’t spend $1,000 of your hard earned money,


take time off of work and travel to the desert to bitch and moan. As easy as it is to get frustrated with parts of the journey, just remember that there are tens of thousands of kids that would kill to be in your place. Coachella is an amazing once-a-year experience. Not only is it an unbelievable lineup of bands, it’s a weekend you get to spend hanging out with your friends, shooting the shit and doing cannon balls into the pool. Soak it up, leave your bad attitude in LA and have some good ol’ fashion fun in the desert.

We will be documenting our experience at Coachella on:

twitter: @kiddangerousla

instagram: @kiddangerous

and when the dust settles, we’ll be posting videos and blogs when we get back.

Happy Coachella, everybody!

Flip Cup Stand Off

We had a little flip cup tournie on Monday night, for no other reason than wanting to get drunk, and needed to settle a tie in a one cup playoff. Here’s how it all went down!

Beirut at the Greek

Beirut is in my top three bands of all time. I understand why a lot of people don’t really like them, or can’t get into them too much, but I think they’re amazing. Zach Condon is truly a musical genius and considering he’s only 25 years old and he’s got five albums and and a handful of EPs out, and that he can play almost every musical instrument under the sun, the guy deserves his respect. If you haven’t heard them and enjoy music with horns, pianos, ukuleles and more, it’s time to get on board. This was now my third time seeing them live and their stage presence and sound has improved a ton. I went with my girlfriend to the Greek Theatre and we sat in the pit so we had a front row view of the action. The Greek is an unbelievable venue. Nestled in the hills of Griffith Park in Los Feliz, it’s an outdoor theatre surrounded by enormous, beautiful trees, there’s not a bad seat in the house and the sound is great. If you live in LA and have never been there, I’d definitely recommend crossing it off your bucket list. I forgot to bring my flip but I did have my iPhone. Here’s a nice little video I threw together from the show. Enjoy!

Fuck planking. Real gangstas leisure dive

There’s been like 3 deaths from planking in the world. Plus, it was invented by Australians, and no one likes Australians. So if you dont already know, the next evolution in pointless shit is leisure diving. Some folks dedicated an entire site to it. Click on this link. Its funny as hell. And props to our boys, Vince & “One-Take” Kolby, who got the coveted title of “leisure dive of the day” today.  See their awesomeness below

Who wants to come with me to this?? Please

The record label Mad Decent is throwin a FREE block party in downtown LA tomorrow. They’ve already thrown ones in Philly, NYC & Chi-town and now they’re finishing up in L.A. It looks bad ass.  Look how bananas shit the NYC one was:

I’m going, but I cant seem to convince any other people to rally. Just show up at Kid D Headquarters. I’ll buy the Busch Light & we’ll cab it down there.  Let’s do this. Hit me up if interested:

If this isnt convincing enough, click on the link to download a sick mix they made to promote the block parties. I think I’ve listened to it 5 times in the last 2 days:

Come party with us tonight!!

We’re partying. Again. Tonight at the Cutting Room on the Sunset Strip.

8462 W. Sunset Blvd. We’re doing it 90s style. Our friends at 901 Tequila will be passing out drink tickets to anyone that shows up in Kid Dangerous gear!
Don’t have any KD gear?! Come buy some or you can show up in your dopest 90’s outfit that will get you some drink tickets too!
DJ Lindsay Luv will be spinning the best 90’s songs you forgot that you loved!
Just tell your boss now that you’re gonna be in late for work tomorrow.
*please send all RSVP’s to*
Here’s some pics of the festivities you missed out on last Thursday:

Don’t forget to watch Jersey Shore tonight

Season 4 of Jersey Shore starts tonight on MTV. They’re headed to Italy for more drama, linguini, ill-advised shots of sambuca and juice-head gorilla antics than you can shake a cannoli at. And keep an eye out for our boy Vinny rockin Kid Dangerous gear all season.  And head to our online store if you wanna get some of that gear, or just click on Vinny’s pic.  Ciao!

Vinny says, "Drink Yo Face Off clown"

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