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Kid D is the Future??

So I was taking a look at Complex Presents: 15 New Rappers To Watch Out For and I was checkin out some of the videos for the rappers & I came across this new kid, Future.  I normally don’t like this down South shit, but the ghetto-tastic video was too good to turn off. And lo-and-behold, I spot Future rockin a Kid D shirt.

Dude is from Atlanta, but he’s wearing a “NY Don’t Love U”.  Makes total sense. I now have watched the video 8 times and it’s my new favorite song. I just made it my new ringtone. So supposedly he’s one to watch out for. Maybe we’ll send him some more shirts, but only if he lets us fly to the ATL and be in the next video. Check the video below:

Who wants to come with me to this?? Please

The record label Mad Decent is throwin a FREE block party in downtown LA tomorrow. They’ve already thrown ones in Philly, NYC & Chi-town and now they’re finishing up in L.A. It looks bad ass.  Look how bananas shit the NYC one was:

I’m going, but I cant seem to convince any other people to rally. Just show up at Kid D Headquarters. I’ll buy the Busch Light & we’ll cab it down there.  Let’s do this. Hit me up if interested:

If this isnt convincing enough, click on the link to download a sick mix they made to promote the block parties. I think I’ve listened to it 5 times in the last 2 days:

Cheech’s Song of the day. Epic video

This song & video are the shit. Jigga & Kanye sampled this song on their joint album that drop tomorrow

Let’s start the countdown. The Hudson Block Party. 9 days.

Super pumped. Just wanted to get the word out early so all of you can clear your calendars.  Our good friends at The Hudson are gearing up for an epic 10-hour block party on Saturday August 13th.  7 live local bands, 3 DJs, 20 vendor booths (including Kid D!!), and several charities.  They’re gonna have 2 full bars to wet your whistle & all kinds of tasty food to make sure you don’t black out too quickly. There’s gonna be live street art & all kinds of other fun shit. They just put up a facebook page 2 days ago & already almost 1000 people RSVP’d.  A portion of the proceeds from the event are going to help fund a new library in West Hollywood too. I feel so much better about getting hammered when I know it will lead to helping the kids lerrn how to reed gooder.  The Hudson is at: 1114 N. Crescent Heights Blvd, WeHo, CA.  Party is getting started at 1pm on Saturday, although I suggest just going to The Hudson on Friday night, passing out in a dumpster the back alley & then just waking up ready to go on Saturday.  Click on the flier below & it will take you to the facebook page for more info. Come party with Kid D & the rest of the lushes. There’s really no excuse not to go. In fact, if you don’t go, you’re kind of a dick.    –cheech

Live Sh*t: Binge, no Purge

Besides sitting at home & crying myself to sleep every night, I like to head out to live shows as much as possible. Looking thru my phone today, I realized I have a lot of really shitty quality photos from these shows.  I thought I would share them with you. It’s the best I could do with a .84 mega-pixel camera phone. All these bands are dope too (I dont listen to bad music) & if you’d like a listen, you can click on most of the photos to watch a YouTube clip from the actual shows I was at.   

Beach House @ The Music Box (2.16.11)


The Strokes @ The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas (3.12.11)


Jamaica @ the echoplex (4.23.11)


Raekwon @ The El Rey (4.30.11)


Prince @ The Forum (5.6.11)


Kid Cudi @ Nokia Live (6.20.11)


Crystal Antlers @ the echo (7.4.11)


Crystal Antlers @ the echo (7.11.11)


Theophilus London @ The Troubadour (7.18.11)


Crystal Antlers @ the echo (7.25.11)


Guards @ Eagle Rock Center For The Arts (7.28.11)


Cults @ Eagle Rock Center For The Arts (7.28.11)


Old School Hip Hop Album Review: Gang Starr- Moment of Truth

Over the past year, we’ve made blogs about bands that we’re listening to and songs that we’re bumping. It’s all current stuff though so I figured it was time to do something a little different. Once every couple of weeks, we’re going to do an old school album review.

This time around, it’s

Gang Starr- Moment of Truth

This album dropped in 1998 or from my standpoint, my senior year in high school. So yeah, I listened to this CD while smoking a lot of weed and driving around with my friends. Gang Starr is epic for two reasons. The main reason is DJ Premier. He really came into his own and established the style that he would continue his career with. Unbelievable use of samples to make hypnotic beats and his go-to choruses, which were mash-ups of other rapper’s lyrics that fit together perfectly. DJ Premier has to rank in the top five beat makers of all times in my book. He never really was meant for commercial success but every dope east coast rapper from Biggie to Jay Z to naS have been blessed with Primo’s tracks.  The second reason for the success was the rapper of the group, Guru. While I’d never put him on any short list of my favorite rappers. He truly is distinct not only in his voice but in his elevated lyrics. Guru managed to mix in gangsta shit with raps about social consciousness and the struggles people (particularly people in the hood) went through. So, when you combine the sick beats with a distinct rapper with deep lyrics, you get something much realer than a lot of the other hip hop that was coming out at the time, and for that matter, what’s coming out today.

While Moment of Truth wasn’t their first album, I believe it’s their best. The album has an impressive twenty tracks and while there are definitely a few more that deserve their props, I’ve decided to focus on these seven bangers.

You Know My Steez- The first song on the album and a true, true banger. This beat is just as sick today as it was when it came out. One of the more recognizable tracks on this CD that has stood the test of time.

Royalty- Another banger of a beat, this song also features K-Ci and Jo Jo. A great example of how he can get much deeper on a track than your average mc.

Above the Clouds- This is the song when you fully realize that DJ Premier is in a zone on this album that very few DJs have ever been in. I don’t know where he came up with this beat, but it’s ridiculous. Also, a GREAT verse by Inspectah Deck. Inspectah was a true unsung hero of Wu Tang. Could never figure out how to put together a full album but was always good for an epic verse here and there.

JFK to LAX- This is a cool track and just shows the creativity of Gang Starr. Basically, it’s a song about Guru getting arrested and his views on the judicial system. Thumper beat as usual.

Moment of Truth- So, when you hear this song, working your way through the album, I think it finally sets in the type of CD this really is. One for the history books. This is a perfect example of how much deeper Guru gets in his raps than most MCs and combined with this hypnotic beat, it’s a true timeless classic. That and the cheesy chick with the accent at the very beginning always cracks me up! hahaha

My Advice to You- I wouldn’t rank this in my top songs on the album, but it’s still really strong. I had kinda forgotten about this track but as soon as I heard the background beat, it instantly clicked back in.

In Memory Of- There’s something both gangsta and touching about doing a tribute song to all the people in your life that have died in hip hop. It’s scary at how many people it is when compared to people in your life. This has such a strong beat and strong lyrics, it’s a great way to end the album. On on the topic of “In Memory of”, R.I.P. to Guru who passed away April 19, 2010 ago from a heart attack. Thanks for all the amazing music.

Coachella Underdogs

Coachella is back. Gonna be my 8th in row. Obsessed. Coachella is like my second Xmas. But with a lot better presents. What the fuck am I supposed to do with slippers Uncle Mervin? I live in California!!  Great line-up, but I’m disappointed with the schedulers for all the conflicts in set-times (Strokes fans & Ratatat fans are the same people idiots). And I’m also praying that Bud Light is the beer sponsor this year. 22 Heinekens in a day gets a little heavy, ya know. Nonetheless, there is no place for negativity at Coachella. So, everyone knows the big name bands that are performing, but I actually get more excited for the smaller up & coming bands trying to make more of a name for themselves at Coachella. So here’s a list of some of the smaller ones I’m excited to see. And click on the artist name to watch a video from the artists. I also put their set times on there too. You’re welcome. And a final note to all the posers & 16-yr old girls that are only there to see Kanye & Kings of Leon, if you are in my way, at any point, you will get trampled.  Please just save up your allowance money that your rich parents give you & get floor seats for Beiber at the Staples Center instead.  P.S. I’ll be there too. 

Odd Future – (430 Friday) This is gonna be the first show I see. And probably the rowdiest. Like wear-a-helmet-with-a-chinstrap rowdy. I’ve been up on these kids for awhile now & was hoping this was gonna be the underground show that only me & a couple others know about. Unfortunately, white people found out about them & now I’m guessing the crowd will be a zoo. Nevertheless, I can’t wait. Free Earl.

Sleigh Bells – (730 Friday) I have a feeling this is gonna be a really fun, energetic show too. They sound like what M.I.A.’s last album should have sounded like.

Twin Shadow – (110 Sunday) Kinda mellow, kinda dancey. He’s got kind of an 80s vibe to him. Big fan of his debut album that came out last year.

Plan B – (100 Sunday) This dude is a big deal in England, but no one knows him over here. The guy is really good & his last album is excellent. R&B soul with a little hip-hop sprinkled in. He’s like Mayer Hawthorne mixed with The Streets.

Nosaj Thing – (1045 Friday) He might be too mellow for a big audience, but I love it. He’s like chill/hip-hop instrumental music. Perfect cool down music after wildin out at Crystal Castles & before Chemical Bros.

Cults – (155 Saturday) A boy & a girl from NYC. Kinda got an indie pop sound. They’ve only released 5 songs & their full album’s not even out yet, but I really like everything I’ve heard from them.

Lil B – (640 Saturday) This dude is loco bananas & he can’t rap worth a shit on half his songs, but I’m still way into it.  Maybe it’s the beats, maybe its cuz he’s completely delusional. I can’t put my finger on it. He’s the odd man out in the whole line-up, so it’ll be interesting.

Phantogram – (855 Sunday) Been a big fan of them for awhile. Heard they’re great live. And I think they’re a band that’s close to blowing up.  The lead singer’s hot too. That doesn’t hurt.

Coachella Survival Guide

Coachella is less than 48 hours away and for all you working stiffs (myself included) that are lucky enough to be going, it’s damn near impossible to focus on anything else. How can I worry about the shirts that I need to make when I’m too busy worrying about how I’m going to manage all the conflicts in the lineup schedule? How can I really follow up on campus rep emails when I’m thinking about what flip technique I’m going to use when jumping into the pool for the first time?

Oh, Coachella. It’s that time of year again. Truly one of the funnest, drunkest and most memorable weekends of the year. Every year I try and do it better than the previous one to usually mixed results. Heading into my sixth Coachella rodeo, I’ve put together a Kid Dangerous Survival Guide consisting of 10 Do’s and 10 Don’ts at Coachella.

1. DO- Come prepared for the trip. Key items to bring include: sun screen, gum, bathing suit, towel (if you’re staying at a condo), tylenol, advil or your hangover medicine of your choice, cash, ID, cell phone charger, camera, flask (preferably plastic), ATM card, cigarettes or any other preferred drug of choice.

2. DON’T- Be the guy that doesn’t bring any of this stuff and is jonesing off your friends the whole weekend. Cash is king at coachella. Make sure you have enough to get through the day. The ol’ “All I got is a credit card” routine doesn’t fly by day two.

3. DO- Get your pregame fade on. Depending on how committed you are to seeing the earlier bands, chances are, you are probably rolling into the show between 4-6 PM. Drinks are expensive, the only beer they serve is fucking Heineken and the lines for booze are typically a kick in the balls.  Take advantage of the great time by the pool to have a few beverages and drink a couple beers on the always long walk into the show. To lower your costs and increase your awesomeness, bring in a flask to split with a couple friends. Play rock paper scissors to see who the lucky one is who has to stash the flask in their crotch when they walk in.

4. DON’T- Get too drunk before you get to Coachella. Or at Coachella while we’re at it. Everyone knows

See the guy on the floatie? It could be you if you're not careful.

partying with all your friends by the pool is amazing. What you might not be realizing though, is that it’s only 1 PM, you normally don’t drink for 12 hours in one day and it’s probably 90 degrees out. Have some drinks before the show but avoid taking too many shots or pouring too many uber stiff cocktails. They’ll be the death of you. Nothing worse than being so drunk at Coachella that you’re a total liability, don’t really remember much of the night because you’re too busy stumbling around or you end up back at the condo later that night with no wallet or cell phone (speaking from experience).

5. DO- Bring your cell phone. A fully charged one at that. You’re going to need it to stay in communication with your friends, twit pic a picture of the side of Paul Banks’ head to make your friends jealous and save the numbers of any cute guys or girls that you meet.

Take a vacation from Facebook and Twitter

6. DON’T- Drive two hundred miles to Coachella, spend $1,000 all-in to be there and spend all day dicking around on your phone. Facebook will be there, twitter as well and as fun as angry birds is, put the phone away and enjoy nature, alcohol and the amazing music you’ve been waiting all year to hear.

7. DO- Plan accordingly. From the moment you park your car to the moment you arrive at the stage of the band you wanna see, you’re really talking about 45-60 minutes. I’ve missed one too many bands thinking I can leave my condo 20 minutes before a show starts. Parking is a bitch and there’s gonna be a fat line of cars waiting to get in. If seeing a band is a priority, plan ahead.

8. DON’T- forget the right wardrobe. This is s two-tiered point. The first is weather. It’s going to be sunny so bring sunglasses and it’s going to be hot as hell during the day. BUT! It gets surprisingly chilly at night. Ladies, this point is especially for you because I know you have a tendency to get cold. Showing up in a bikini top and booty shorts is great not only for you but for all the guys ogling you all day but at night, it’s gonna get real cold and it won’t be nearly as cool when you have to buy an XL Duran Duran shirt to cover up and stay warm.

Second, and this is for my fashionably challenged single guys out there, put together a respectable outfit. There are more cute single girls at Coachella than in the entire state of Montana and if you want to improve your chances of making a good impression, leave the baggy cargo shorts and flip flops at home. Instead, try more form fitting shorts with some cool sneakers or loafers. They’re equally as comfortable and a lot more attractive. No one is trying to look at your grimy ass feet after three days of walking around in dirt.

9. DO- The little things. It’s an overwhelming experience to go to Coachella but a little planning on how to attack the day goes a long way. Stay hydrated, eat at least two meals a day, designate a meeting point if people get lost, have a plan for when you’re leaving, try and roll around in pairs. Once the sun goes down at Coachella it gets real dark real fast. If your cell phone is dead and you’re stumbling around drunk with no idea how to meet up with everyone, you’re in deep shit. A couple of small tricks about leaving Coachella:

a. Save a picture in your phone, write yourself a message, do something to remember where the car is. Ten hours and 12 beers later isn’t going to make it any easier to find.

b. Check around your car before you leave. No bigger buzz kill than to drive over your shithead buddy’s coors light bottle he happened to stash under your tire on your way in because he saw a security guard driving by.

c. If you aren’t hell bent on seeing the last few minutes of the final headliner, contemplate leaving early. There are horror stories of people getting stuck in the parking lot trying to leave for two hours. It totally sucks. Leave before the encore and you’ll have had four beers, made late night quesadillas and be asleep for half an hour before your other friends get back to the condo.

10. DON’T- Try too hard. I know, I know, I just gave style tips above but just keep in mind that you’re there to have fun. Not to be the coolest dude there, or rudely bird dog at every chick that walks by or to bump some fifteen year kid because you can or to cut in front of a bunch of people at the bathroom or beer line. Remember, everyone there has had to take off work, save up their money and have had their calendars circled just as long as you so they deserve to have an amazing time as well. Think of it as a modern day Woodstock, except for everything is ridiculously priced, corporate sponsors dictate what you eat, drink and feel and there are more orange county high school kids there than people that really care about the music.

Anyways….Hope you enjoyed the tips. We’ll be documenting our weekend with our handy dandy flip video so check back next week for that and we’re also going to be giving away stuff at the show to twitter fans representing the Kid Dangerous nation.

Peace…and I’m out.

What Kid D is Listening To

I’ve been overloaded with new music lately and it’s been quite the treat. Nothing like discovering new bands, hearing new albums and bumping that hot shit driving around LA. Here’s a list of some amazing new tracks I’m listening to:

Black Tequila- Ghost Face Killa feat. Cappadona and Trife

Ghost Face has got to be the hardest working dude in rap outside of Lil Wayne. The dude just keep dropping albums year after year and his body of work has to put him on a relatively short list of best rappers of all time. Here’s a banger off his new album Apollo Kids. The track has a great beat and features Cappadona and Trife. Cappadona is very thankful for Ghost Face breathing new life into his career. Apparently, he was driving a cab a few years ago and he sounds like he’s gained 50 pounds. Trife has been on a bunch of GFK’s tracks and while he will never be a household name, I think he’s pretty underrated.

Twin Shadow

Have you guys heard of Twin Shadow? I just found out about a them a couple of weeks ago and I can’t stop listening to their debut album, Forget. Seriously, I’ve listened to it probably 60 times and I’ve got them circled on my Coachella schedule already. This whole album is amazing but I’m going to feature two songs that are a great primer for what they’re all about.  They got a great lead singer, great background music, a nice electronic element, great melodies, lyrics, the list goes on and on. Without further adeiu

Tyrant Destroyed

This is not their music video but it works pretty well with the song!

When We’re Dancing

I can’t find the album version but this live one is pretty damn sexy. Go get the album people.

You Only Live Once- The Strokes

I love the Strokes. Always have and always will. I recently found this little gem that’s a demo they recorded now being featured in some move with Steven Dorf. I love the last name Dorf.  Anyway, it’s so slow and so nice that it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

Blow Up- J. Cole

So J. Cole is the most anticipated rapper since Drake. the first signing on Jay Z’s new record label Roc Nation, he the next chosen one in the rap game. Or at least that’s what everybody thought. I love the guy, just not 100% sure he’s as marketable as a Drake or Lil Wayne. All he talks about is blowing up and I hope it happens for him or he’s gonna feel kinda dumb.

Matt & Kim- Northeast

So, I gotta admit, I’m starting to get over Matt & Kim. Their new album is a lot of the same and this time around, I find myself tuning out more and more. That being said, they provided me with this little ditty that I truly enjoy. Nice and slow.

I Need a Dollar- Aloe Blacc

Anybody who watched How to Make it in America (and apparently there weren’t many of you since it didn’t make it through a full season) have been hypnotized by this song which was in their intro. I tracked down the artist and it turns out this guy Aloe Blacc went to USC when I was there and was in a rap group called Emenon with Exile, an amazing DJ who has flourished since his days in south central as well. This whole CD is great if you love that soul shit, which I do.

The Decemberists- June Hymn

I think the Decemberists catch a lot of flack for being a soft, which they totally are and I have no idea where their lead singer Colin Meloy comes from. He talks like he was raised in victorian era of great brittain (there was such a thing right? I’m too lazy to google that shit). Regardless, I love them for one thing and one thing only: their slow songs. They’re so lovely and every time I hear them, I cry like a little girl.

Christian Dior Flow- Kanye West Feat. John Legend, Kid Cudi, Pusha T, Lloyd Banks & Ryan Leslie

By Now the Kanye West comeback is official. His new album is by far and away my favorite rap album of the year and even though he’s still a total jerk, he’s america’s jerk.  Weeks leading up to his album dropping, he did this thing called Good Fridays where he dropped a new track every week. There’s a bunch of bangers that never made the album. I don’t know how he didn’t put this track on. With an all star cast of John Legend, Kid Cudi, Pusha T and the artist formerly known as Lloyd Banks from the G-Unit, it’s amazing. Something to put on full blast and drive fast to and pretend you’re way bigger of a gangsta than you really are.

First Aid Kit- Sailor Song

I typically don’t like folky bands with female lead singers. Not being sexist here, just being real. I started listening to this band First Aid Kit, and they totally won me over. Great voices and melodies and I like the lyrics too. Here’s a video of them performing one of my favorite songs at South by Southwest.


That’s all for now. Hope you enjoy the tunes and happy monday. people.


What’s Playing on Cheech’s Walkman?

It’s time for another installment of What’s Playing on My Walkman. I know, I know, your welcome.  Thanks for making your week.

The Who – Baba O’Riley (SebastiAn Remix)

Ay Yay Yay

So, a couple of years ago, Pete Townsend from the Who got busted with all kinds of kiddie porn on his computer & got off scot-free because he said he needed it for research for his upcoming book.  I used a similar excuse when my girl went thru my computer. On a side note, check your local Barnes & Nobles for my upcoming book “Sexy Latinas in Cheerleading Outfits”. To listen, click here.

Best Coast- Boyfriend

I got tickets for the Best Coast show this Saturday at the Troubadour & I need to swap them for the Sunday show. Holler is you wanna trade. And make sure to check your mailboxes for the “save-the-dates” for my Quinciniera. To listen, click here.

Boney M- Gotta Go Home

You are welcome Duck Sauce. The outfits in this video are so badass too. This is similar to the direction that we’re taking Kid Dangerous next season. Man-capes are gonna be the hot shit in 2011. To listen, click here.

Strong Arm Steady- Two Pistols

Just a banger. And one of the cooler albums covers in awhile. To listen, click here.

Chief- Night & Day

It’s just a damn good song. Not much else to say. Except for that I love you. To listen, click here.

Scissor Sisters- Any Which Way

If this doesn’t get you dancing, I don’t know what will. To listen, click here.


Everyone knows November’s birthstone is crystals. And crystals are a girl’s best friend, so why not 3 songs with “crystal” in the band names:

Crystal Castles- Not in Love feat. Robert Smith

All the make up in the world can't cover up that gizzard, Robbie.

A little remix action with Robert Smith from the Cure. He can still sing but he looked all akward at Coachella a couple years ago as a middle-aged fat guy still trying to pull off the face make-up. To listen, click here.

Crystal Stilts- Shake the Shackles

New single from these guys.  Doin their best Joy Division impression as usual. To listen, click here.

Crystal Antlers- Andrew

Still pissed I missed these guys at Sunset Junction. Considering I live two blocks from the stage they played, no excuse.  Unless you consider 20+ cocktails/beers an excuse. To listen, click here.

That’s it for this installment of what’s playing on my walkman. Now it’s time to listen to my walkman and pretend I’m working. Cheers boss!

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