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Make Music Pasadena Festival Video Blog

After a short hiatus, it was time to dust off the flip video to chronicle some more drunk antics. This time, we took to the streets of Pasadena for a fun little music festival. Morning Benders, Best Coast, Ra Ra Riot and lots of vodka = a damn fun Saturday.

What’s Playing on Cheech’s Walkman?

It’s time for another installment of What’s Playing on My Walkman. I know, I know, your welcome.  Thanks for making your week.

The Who – Baba O’Riley (SebastiAn Remix)

Ay Yay Yay

So, a couple of years ago, Pete Townsend from the Who got busted with all kinds of kiddie porn on his computer & got off scot-free because he said he needed it for research for his upcoming book.  I used a similar excuse when my girl went thru my computer. On a side note, check your local Barnes & Nobles for my upcoming book “Sexy Latinas in Cheerleading Outfits”. To listen, click here.

Best Coast- Boyfriend

I got tickets for the Best Coast show this Saturday at the Troubadour & I need to swap them for the Sunday show. Holler is you wanna trade. cheech@kiddangerous.com. And make sure to check your mailboxes for the “save-the-dates” for my Quinciniera. To listen, click here.

Boney M- Gotta Go Home

You are welcome Duck Sauce. The outfits in this video are so badass too. This is similar to the direction that we’re taking Kid Dangerous next season. Man-capes are gonna be the hot shit in 2011. To listen, click here.

Strong Arm Steady- Two Pistols

Just a banger. And one of the cooler albums covers in awhile. To listen, click here.

Chief- Night & Day

It’s just a damn good song. Not much else to say. Except for that I love you. To listen, click here.

Scissor Sisters- Any Which Way

If this doesn’t get you dancing, I don’t know what will. To listen, click here.


Everyone knows November’s birthstone is crystals. And crystals are a girl’s best friend, so why not 3 songs with “crystal” in the band names:

Crystal Castles- Not in Love feat. Robert Smith

All the make up in the world can't cover up that gizzard, Robbie.

A little remix action with Robert Smith from the Cure. He can still sing but he looked all akward at Coachella a couple years ago as a middle-aged fat guy still trying to pull off the face make-up. To listen, click here.

Crystal Stilts- Shake the Shackles

New single from these guys.  Doin their best Joy Division impression as usual. To listen, click here.

Crystal Antlers- Andrew

Still pissed I missed these guys at Sunset Junction. Considering I live two blocks from the stage they played, no excuse.  Unless you consider 20+ cocktails/beers an excuse. To listen, click here.

That’s it for this installment of what’s playing on my walkman. Now it’s time to listen to my walkman and pretend I’m working. Cheers boss!

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