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Luke Perry is a Man of the People

I love the internet. A friend of mine passed along this little gem of a link of Luke Perry (aka Dillon McKay from the original 90210) showing up at some random Dragoncon convention (too lazy to look this up but my guess is, dungeons and dragons type shit?) and taking some hilarious photos with random fans. You gotta love when a fading celebrity can poke a little fun at himself from time to time.  You were always my favorite, Dylan.

Bad sunburn and braids? Did this middle aged lady crash a spring break?

Luke Perry missing on the headlock but the hammer is cocked back and ready for action.

This lady wants to bone Luke Berry so bad it's making me uncomfortable.

Somewhat normal photo except for the goofy expression on that baby's face! Hahaha

Is that Ian Ziering?


To read the full article and see all the pics, click here

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