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Banksy + The Simpsons = pretty kewl

So I know The Simpsons has been basically irrelevant for years and everyone claims they’ve moved on and don’t watch it anymore, but I’ll tellya, Groening and Co. can still drop a cool lil tidbit from time to time – Banksy did the opening credit sequence for this episode, and you gotta love it:

Really well executed in my opinion – you wonder how Banksy’s anti-corporate shtick is gonna jibe with the rampant commercial and merchandising juggernaut that is The Simpsons, and they put together this wonderful little bit of cheeky self deprecation. The tired, shackled unicorn being used to poke holes in Simpsons DVD’s is a very nice touch. Nice to see the show’s creators are still able to take the piss out of themselves from time to time.

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