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Downtown LA Artwalk

So, I’ve been meaning to go to Art Walk in downtown Los Angeles now for like two or three years. I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun, a bunch of cool shit to see and a ton of people cruising around. Just recently, we heard there’s an area where people sell shit, like jewelry, clothes, etc. so we decided to throw our hat in the ring and get a booth with our good friend Laurin who was slangin jewelry. Brett and our intern MEJ went down there early to get set up, God bless them, and we rolled in super late around 9 PM.

In typical Kid D fashion, we decided to get wasted beforehand. Cammy and Wicky rolled through with a bottle of Skyy and the shots commenced. All the hype of the event ended up being justified. There were tons of people and we sold a gang of gear and the alcohol was flowing. The drunker I got, the worse my negotiating skills got. At one point, I told a girl if she could hold a handstand for ten seconds I’d give her a shirt for free but she backed down to the challenge. This blog is really boring….oh well. Here are some pics! wahoo.

Team Chickenhead


Photo included due to lack of other good photos to replace it with


Thug Life Bee-ya-yitch.


The Beautiful and Woefully Underpaid Women of Kid Dangerous


Whatup People!

Our party is creeping up fast so it’s time to start planning logistics.  The party is being held in a warehouse located at 3401 Pasadena Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90031.  It’s basically about five minutes north of downtown off the 110 Freeway.  There are a couple of ways to get there that we wanted to point out.


Not sure how many of you use the metro but when checking out the venue the other day, I noticed there is a Gold Line stop a couple of blocks away! This is huge for people that want to avoid driving, save money, etc. I just checked and the last southbound metro leaves at 1:02 AM on Saturday so it should be beautiful to get there and leave with no issues. The stop is called the Heritage Square Stop and it is located at 3545 Pasadena Ave.  You basically get off of the subway, hang a right on Pasadena ave and walk 0.2 miles to the venue.  Not too shabby right?  For more information on the subway, click here.

For all you Hollywood kids that have ridden the redline, you can take the red line to Union Station downtown then transfer to the gold line and take it to Heritage Square.  Super easy, super cheap and no risks.  Here’s a map to give you an idea of what you’re working with.

Hollywood Kids, Red Line South to Union Station. Gold Line North to Heritage Square and You're Done


For those of you driving or taking a cab, I recommend googling that shit!!! But, here are some quick tips:


Exit 27 onto Avenue 43

Sharp Left on E. Avenue 43

1st left on Carlota Blvd, left on Pasadena Ave and roll up to 3401 Pasadena Ave.


Take exit 137A toward State Route 110 N/Pasadena Fwy/Pasadena

Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Broadway and merge onto W Ave 21

Turn left at Pasadena Ave

Roll up to 3401 Pasadena Avenue


Get to the 101 Freeway and take it south

From the 101, get on the 110 Freeway North

Follow the directions from above.


Hope this helps people.  We’re really excited to see all of you there.  Let’s do the damn thing!

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