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Kid D Photoshoot with Rylee Breen

We just wrapped up another amazing photoshoot, this time with the beautiful Rylee Breen, who visited LA all the way from Brisbane, Australia. Neave Bozorgi, our good friend and partner in crime, shot the photos in and around Hollywood and for the record, Rylee IS stripping on Hollywood Blvd. in broad daylight. Enjoy!

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Rylee Breen- @ryleebreen

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Summer 2012 Photo Shoot with Brittany Nichole Lucas


Normally, when we do photo shoots, they involve a ton of planning and organization and on the day of, you’re typically dealing with people flaking, everything running behind schedule and making sure you’re getting the shots you want amongst all the chaos. So, when I talked to my good friend and very talented photographer, Neave Bozorgi, about going a different route, I was intrigued. Instead of having to coordinate everything, be on set all day and micro manage, all I had to do was give Neave the gear and let him do his thing. Having seen a ton of shoots he was doing (follow him on instagram: @sirvneave), I knew he not only had the style we wanted but also the access to talent.

For this shoot, Neave kept it true to the Kid Dangerous Grime Couture roots: cigarettes, shotgunning beers and trailer parks. The subject? The beautiful Brittany Nichole Lucas. Brittany is wearing clothes from our Women’s Summer/Fall 2012 Collection. Check back on our online store later this summer to purchase the shirts she’s wearing.


Life Imitates Art- Brittany giving a double bird in "The Finger" raw edge cut off tee

"Fell in Love with A" Raw Edge Cut Off Tee

Chugging beer never looked so good.

"I Was Young" Raw Edge Criss Cross Tank

I was young, I needed the money.

Blue lipstick was a great call.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that's a wrap.

Much props to everyone that was a part of the shoot:

Photographer: Neave Bozorgi

http://www.neavebozorgi.com   |   twitter: @sirneave   |   instagram: @sirneave

Model: Brittany Nichole Lucas

twitter: @Brittany_NLucas   |   instagram: @brittanynicholelucas

Stylist: Jessica Ozette

website: cargocollective.com/jessicaozette   |   instagram: @jesozette

Makeup: Olivia Danielle

cargocollective.com/olividadanielle  |  twitter: @odmakeup  |  instagram: @odmakeup

Kid Dangerous

http://www.kiddangerous.com  |  twitter: @kiddangerousla  |  instagram: @kiddangerous

Project Las Vegas in All It’s Glory

Always nice to see your name on the big stage

We just came back from Las Vegas where we debuted our new Holiday/Spring 2011 collection at the Project Trade Show.  For those of you who don’t know, twice a year, clothing companies attend trade shows like Project, Magic, ASR and others to debut their collections and work with accounts to write orders and generate business.  Project is an action packed show carrying some of the best contemporary brands in the world.  You’ll find all the major denim companies, outerwear, shoes, t-shirts, you name it, it’s here. It’s a really fun experience and something I look forward to twice a year.  Here’s why:

Not from Project but you get my drift...

People Watching- It’s funny but everyone at Project dresses to impress.  With some people, you can tell they had their outfits planned weeks in advance.  Others, it looks they beautifully threw it together that morning (although they probably planned theirs even further in advance…).  Regardless, there’ a lot of good looking guys and girls wearing fresh duds left and right.

The Parties- I used to work in commercial real estate and the parties that would happen at my old conventions included pigs in a blanket appetizers, lots of dudes in trousers and polo shirts and maybe if you’re lucky, a late night trip to the strip club.  Well, the fashion industry, ladies and gentlemen, is a whole different ball game.  Some of the funnest parties I got to all year are at the clubs in Vegas during Project.  See, the problem with

this is just the outside of XS....

clubs normally in Las Vegas, is that regardless of how nice they are, they’re chalk full of douche bags, trashy hoes and tourists that in one way or another, don’t know how to act.  Well, during the trade shows, these amazing venues are taken over by fun people who know there way around a night club and how to have a good time.  Creative Recreation and Hudson have established a reputation for throwing the best party of the show and this year’s rager at XS was no exception.  It was so fun, I only flinched like once paying $15 for each patron shot I took.

Inspiration- Other than the occasional trip to the Fashion District or surfing online, brands kinda live in a bubble for a six months, or at least, we do.  Our bubble consists of fast times and fast women, but it’s a bubble nonetheless.  Walking around Project, you really start to get a feel for what you’re up against.  How many thousand of brands are out there trying to make it just like you.  You can either get overwhelmed or inspired.  I choose the latter.  I enjoy seeing everything at the show.  In my opinion, 80 percent of the shit is either whack or just like everything else, that makes me feel like I’m doing something right.  20 percent of the show is doing something dope or unique, and that makes me want to improve my game that much more.  Regardless of what you take from the show, there’s nothing like walking the floor and seeing all the creativity and hard work the thousands of people behind all these brands put in to get ready for the show.  I know how hard we worked on getting our collection ready, one that I think is our best yet….

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