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Kid Dangerous Spring 2012 Look Book Preview

Photo shoots are one of the funnest things we get to do at Kid Dangerous. They’re chaotic, hard to organize, stressful and they typically never go according to plan but to watch the process unfold from idea conception to location/model scouting to shooting to color correction to look book layout, it’s an amazing journey and when you see the finished product after all your hard work, it’s a really rewarding experience.

We recently shot the Spring 2012 look book, featuring all the new men’s and women’s gear we’re going to be shipping to stores early next year. We actually didn’t do a look book last season so we were pumped to get some great new pics into the fold. We decided to shoot it at the Hudson, an awesome bar / restaurant owned by our good friends in West Hollywood at the intersection of Santa Monica and Crescent Heights. We shot during the day before they opened for business and it was a a GREAT location with various different places within the bar to shoot which gave the photos both variety and cohesion. We also were able to borrow our good friend Cameron’s sick old school Cadillac for some amazing shots outside in front of the bar which really was the cherry on top.

We did the shoot with Hannah Lux Davis (www.hannahluxdavis.com), who over the past couple of years has become the go-to photographer for Kid Dangerous. We also got to work with some of our favorite Kid D models, Kayslee Collins and Amanda Mayfield along with a bunch of other talented and hot girls and guys for what turned out to be our best shoot yet. We’re going to officially roll out the look book within the next two weeks, but I thought we’d give you all a preview. Check back soon for the real deal!


Gangster cover to our gangster look book

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