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Outside Lands Day 1: Five Observations

I arrived in San Francisco for my first journey to the Outside Lands Music Festival. Having been to Coachella the past seven years and Lollapalooza last year in Chicago, I was excited to see what this bad boy had to offer. Considering I’m doing this from my phone, I’m going to keep it short and sweet. Here are my five observations from day one of Outside Lands:

1. The Layout of the Festival is Different and Great- Golden Gate Park is massive and a great place for a festival. Huge trees everywhere, nice grass and scenic. The festival itself, is laid out really well the stages aren’t super far from each other but every area is pretty unique and separate. Beer and bathroom lines are really chill which is always huge and unlike Coachella, you can drink anywhere which is fan-fucking-tastic.

2. The Weather is Crazy- thank god my friend told me to dress warm because it is cold as shit in the SF. Apparently, that area in particular is especially crispy. It was so foggy you couldn’t see shit, cold as balls, windy and it started drizzling at the end of the night. I dug it and prefer it to the scorching temperatures of Coachella but plenty of people were not prepared. It was easy to spot the d bag so cal dudes wearing tanks, shorts and backwards hats, trying to play it off that they weren’t freezing their ass off.

3. Transportation Situation is Dog Shit- biggest glove slap about outside lands is the transportation. We couldn’t get a cab to save our life to the venue and all the buses were so full they wouldn’t even stop. We had to bribe a cab $40 to get to the show and when we left, more drama. We dipped out thirty minutes before the show ended in an effort to beat the rush but got no love. There were no cabs really to speak of and once again the buses were packed. We ended up walking for 45 minutes, fighting our way on a bus that wasn’t really going where we needed it to and then finally scored a cab after walking an additional twenty blocks. Shitballs.

4. Onto the music. Since we got up here later than we wanted to and it took us forever to get into the show, I only saw the following four bands:

Of monsters and men
Washed Out

MSTRKRFT killed it. That being said, when the hell are they dropping another album? Kinda weird that they are on the festival circuit without one but I’m not complaining. I really love Washed Out and wasn’t sure what to expect live since its so chill and background music-y. I was really impressed, they sounded great and played all the jams. It was my favorite show of the day by far and the time in the evening was perfect. That being said, the energy wasn’t great for everyone and people started leaving halfway through. Their loss. Bitches.

5. Early End- Not sure if it’s a park deal or what but the show gets out at 10 every night. I actually kinda like it cuz you have your whole night ahead of you which we used to our full advantage.

I got some good sleep last night, am staying at a great house overlooking Alcatraz in the city and I’m ready for day two. Let’s dance.

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